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Transportation facilities are available for students residing in the city. Drivers and conductors have sole responsibility for their respective routes and they are passionately committed to ensuring the safety of the children entrusted to their care. For further details regarding transportation, please contact the office.

Guidelines regarding Transport

  • Parents should inform the school office at the beginning of the academic year if the child is coming to and returning from school by school bus or their own mode of transport.
  • Parents are advised to make sure that an authorized person is present at the bus stop to pick and drop the child.
  • If the child’s escort is not present at the particular bus stop while dropping the child in the afternoon/evening the child will be brought back to the school.
  • Parents are requested not to give instructions to the bus drivers or conductors directly.
  • Bus fees should be paid for an entire term.
  • If there is a change in the bus stop the authorized person has to intimate the school office in writing.

Do not lose your Bus Privilege. Follow these rules

  • Observe classroom conduct. Obey the bus driver.
  • Don’t stand near the doors.
  • Be courteous, use proper language.
  • Keep the bus clean.
  • Do not fight, push or shove.
  • Co-operate with the driver.
  • Do not tamper or deface the bus equipments.
  • Do not bring flammable material inside the bus.
  • Stay in your seat. Do not fight or horseplay.
  • Throwing objects is prohibited.
  • Keep hands, feet and head inside the bus.
  • Respect your driver and attendant.
  • The bus driver or the attendant is authorized to assign seats.

Kingston Martic Driver and Conductor

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