About us


School is a place where a child learns about the true essence of life. It is a place where the teachers, students and parents together form a dynamic relationship not only among themselves but also with the world. A School is a platform that enables children to self-actualize not only as individuals but also as citizens; who learn and live and thrive by thinking and doing, not just for themselves, but for the entire community, for all citizens.

At Kingston we,
  • believe each child is an unique individual.
  • believe every child should be nurtured to build a positive self-image, learn problem solving skills, explore their natural sense of wonder and develop a positive attitude towards them and others.
  • Provide a safe, healthy learning environment with the best possible care through a balance of emotional, social, communicative, creative, physical and cognitive activities.
  • Offer programs that foster independence, self confidence and social responsibility.
  • provide academic opportunities to allow each child's individual learning style to develop fully.
  • provide life skills such as Leadership, Teamwork, Self discipline, persistence, communication thereby empowering them to face the world tomorrow
  • Believe parents are an integral part of a child's academic foundation and together with teachers and students we build a strong unbreakable bond for the welfare of the student.